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Why Quit?

When you are commited to smoking there's no point in worrying yourself about all the dangers on a daily basis ...but when you decide to quit it is a different matter - you might as well face the click on the video below if you think this will help..



Just think what it would be like to be a non smoker totally FREE from cigarettes.....


  • Your body fitter, healthier, stronger, reaching its full potential.
  • Far more more being tired and lethargic all day long.
  • Freedom and relief, longer a slave to cigarettes, no longer caught in a vicious circle which is silently killing you.
  • Blood pressure falling or moving nearer to normal (one of the first physiological changes), 
  • Skin much healthier and younger looking.
  • No longer smelling like a smoky dustbin, or feeling like a social leper
  • No longer facing the 1 in 3 risk of being one of the 120,000 who die needlessly and often painfully of smoking related illness every year in the UK. A large proportion dying in middle age or younger.
  • Richer by £2500 per year for the average smoker (=20 a day at £7.00)
  • Libido higher
  • More in control of your life
  • No longer being full of nicotine, one of the world's most poisonous and quickly addictive drugs.
  • Nicotine is also used as an insecticide in many third world countries.
  • Did you know that nicotine is 100% stimulant? It is purely the relief of relieving withdrawal symptoms, which gradually increase between cigarettes, that gives the relaxation pleasure!..not the drug... this explains why the very first cigarette does nothing for you. Overall cigarettes makes you more worked up and stressed.





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PLEASE NOTE: Quit Smoking Clinic sessions are led by Robert Matthews, Mike Fulton and Danille Phillips, who are members of The British Society of Clinical Hypnosis The BSCH is a professional body of hypnotherapists whose aim is to promote and assure high standards in the profession of hypnotherapy.

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