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WebSite Links
Thanks much for visiting us! Here are a few of the sites around the web. Please note that inclusion here does not necessarly carry any endorsement.

Comprehensive but surprisingly dull website, negative website ('It's going to take some time and effort for you to quit smoking') of this government sponsored charity. They favour using nicotine patches and gum which according to the government have a 3 to 6% success rate.

Why Quit?
This is where to go if you want to be scared about smoking related death..if you think that will help but think twice first visiting as the photos will probably just sadden and frighten you.

Drectory Healthy
Resource for health information.

Medicine Room
A place for medicines and healings, run by Dominique Finney.

Hand Actuated mental Reconditioning
How to rewire your brain.
Divinti Publishing Ltd UK - hypnosis tapes and CDs.

A popular e_cards site with some striking content on anti-smoking.

Mac Pharma Network
Free information and affordable products for all your health and wellness needs.
One stop supplements.
Community for quitting smokers


PLEASE NOTE: Quit Smoking Clinic sessions are led by Robert Matthews, Mike Fulton and Danille Phillips, who are members of The British Society of Clinical Hypnosis The BSCH is a professional body of hypnotherapists whose aim is to promote and assure high standards in the profession of hypnotherapy.